Township Functions

In Ohio, the Township predates our state government and became the basic unit of local government. Today, just as in 1811 when our Township was surveyed and established, the Township is a political subdivision of the state. As such, it has only those powers granted to it by the state legislature and performs basic functions defined by the State of Ohio.

These basic functions are:

Maintenance of  51 miles of Township roads

Please note that the Lake County Engineers Office maintains about 67 miles of roads within the Township and the State of Ohio maintains an additional 14 miles within our boundaries.

Police Protection

Provide police protection through levy funded by your approval of real estate tax.

Fire Protection

Provide fire protection via the Madison Fire District (Madison Township & Madison Village) joint levy funded by your approval of real estate tax.


Manage & maintain seven (7) public cemeteries within Madison Township.

Parks & Public Lands

Manage and maintain over 150 acres of parks and public lands within Madison Township,

 including three (3) lakefront parks.

Land Use

Efficiently regulates land use through zoning committees appointed by the Trustees.

This was mandated by a vote of the citizens of Madison around 1956.

Other Functions Common to Township Authority include but are not limited to:

Ditches and drains; controlling weeds, trees & brush related to highway maintenance; providing a means of resident yard waste disposal; and artificial lighting for public roads and lighting districts for residential areas (funded by assessment).

Any questions or concerns regarding these topics should be addressed to the Township Administrator.     The Administrator can be reached at the Township Administration Center.