Madison Township owns and maintains seven historic cemeteries:

The cemeteries are operated by the Board of Trustees of Madison Township, Lake County, Ohio.  Paul Cook serves as the Sexton and Linda Zilke serves as the Assistant Sexton for the cemeteries of Madison Township.  They are operated in conformance with the Laws of the State of Ohio, and in accordance with the appropriate principles of good conduct which the Trustees believe should govern the operation of the cemeteries.

Cemetery records are maintained at Madison Township Administration Center, 2065 Hubbard Road.  Information and assistance regarding burials, deeds, transfers, etc. is available by calling Paul Cook at (440) 428-5128. Or email [email protected]



Grave Purchase   300.00 500.00
Burial Open/Close Monday-Friday 300.00 300.00
  Saturday/Holidays/or any day after 3:00 pm (No Sunday Burials) 400.00 400.00
Baby Section

Available at Madison Memorial Only

Grave & Burial (Infants under one year old) 35.00 35.00
Cremation Section

Available at Madison Memorial Only

Grave Purchase 2' x 2' includes pre-poured monument foundation 150.00 200.00
  Burial of Urn Open/Close 50.00 50.00
  Saturday/Holidays/or any day after 3:00 pm 150.00 150.00
Monument Foundations

All monument foundations will be installed within thirty (30) days upon receipt of payment, weather permitting

Includes labor & material 25.00/square foot 25.00/square foot


No planting of trees or shrubs of any kind in any of the Madison Township Cemeteries

No plantings of any kind shall be allowed in any cremation section

Small flowering plants or annual flowers may be planted on either side of a headstone, providing that the planting will not interfere with grave openings or otherwise become detrimental, dangerous or inconvenient to adjacent cemetery lots

Flowers and artificial decorations are permitted in front of or back of a headstone but no more than twelve inches (12") from the headstone, provided that such installations do not hinder the normal maintenance of the cemetery grounds

Violations of the planting/decorating regulations will result in the removal of items without prior notification to the cemetery lot owner

With regard to the North Madison Cemetery only, all grave headstone/markers in Section "C" through "I" shall be installed flush to grade. All graves in Section "C" through "I" are permitted only one (1) in-ground type of urn for flowers. Plantings of any kind are not allowed in this area.

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